Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Fun Stuff and yet another sighting of "THE DESK"!

Some items added to my collection of the last few months

Vintage Lobby Card for "A Night to Remember". Not in great condition but was dirt cheap.

Really nice vintage 8" x 10" double weight signed promo still of Brenda Marshall.

Vintage Lobby card for "Call of the Wild" first Gable collectible!

Vintage Lobby Card for "Crooner" with Ann Dvorak. The price was right!

Vintage Lobby Card for "Half Angel", a very enjoyable comedy with Loretta Young and Joseph Cotten

Non-vintage postcard of Ida Lupino by Scotty Welbourne

Vintage 5" x 7" of Loretta Young

Vintage 5" x 7" of Loretta Young

Oversize 10" x 14" vintage publicity still of Loretta Young taken by Bert Longworth for "The Stranger". I plan to frame this up with my signed autograph album page of hers. Below are 3 vintage 8" x 10"  stills also promoting "The Stranger"

And last but certainly NOT least...another DESK sighting! This time, my friend Cliff over at the Warren William tribute site informed me he spied the desk in the 1932 Kay Francis film "Man Wanted"...this makes a total of 5 different WB films this desk has appeared in! Thanks Cliff!!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

"The Desk" lives on!!!

For those that have followed this blog for any length of time you're probably aware of my love of a particularly stylish and awesome Art Deco desk that has, so far, been spotted in 4 Warner Bros films from the early 1930's... STILL exists!
While doing some random searches last night for Art Deco furniture I stumbled upon a few pics of a piece that bared a striking resemblance to the beloved "Desk"...after going to the source pages I found that, lo  and behold, it was the actual desk itself!

Lovingly restored to its former glory by the people at Art Deco 

The pic above is the Desk as it appeared when they bought it. Someone had covered the sides with metal and made it appear to look like wood. 

When they took the top off they became aware of this and removed the metal side to reveal those beautiful stylish wraparound ribbed ends!

more restoration pics

I wrote off to the site and was told they had no idea of the origins of the desk nor that it had been featured in any films. They did there own detective work and tried to restore it to what they felt was its original condition by using clues within the desk itself. After posting the desk on their site they were contacted by someone who informed them about it appearing in "Beauty and the Boss"!

Apparently this desk was owned by Columbia Pictures boss, Harry it ended up in all those WB films is a puzzler! Anyway, Read the full story on their site! 

And then kneel in reverence to the almighty DESK!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Some Long Overdue "Whatnot"

Havent had much inspiration for artwork lately and when that happens I usually end up playing my guitar a lot more, so here's some totally useless music-like interludes to waste a few minutes of your day with! The second one is the closest to an actual song...I think! Miss Pewfy Pants makes an appearance in the 3rd one.