Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's My Potty and I'll Cry If I Want To - Part VI...

A quick update at Potty central...

I didnt get much done this week because of feeling under the weather but I had to at least do something so I decided to paint a design on the wall above the shower. Here's the first Phase of it all taped off for paint.

And there it is painted!

And there it is with the tape removed. Total labor time about 2 hours.

Let that dry overnight and then tape off for Phase II!

And there it is all done (except for a few lil touch-ups). Much better than plain boring walls I think! This same motif will get painted in some fashion on the slanted walls above the counter and in the washer dryer area as well.

I also got my new lights and installed them, a vast improvement I think!

I KNOW none of you could stand it if I didnt show how they look turned on!

next update will detail the linen closet torture...

Monday, September 28, 2009


A few scans of Gary Cooper for J.B. because she asked so nicely.

Coop in "The Virginian", 1929.

With Marlene Dietrich in "Morocco", 1930.

Striking a manly pose in William Wellman's extremely manly 1939 production of "Beau Geste".

I thought Coop had some of the best cowboy duds ever in William Wyler's classic "The Westerner", 1940

Coop won his 2nd Oscar as best actor for his excellent performance in Fred Zinnemann's "High Noon". A well-made film on every level but story-wise, not very high in the believability factor....hmmmmmmmmmm..OK, stay and fight bad guys or go on honeymoon with Grace Kelly....ummmmm, well no offense but...See ya!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's My Potty and I'll Cry If I Want To - Part V...

On and on it goes....

I spent all weekend working on this thing and I got a LOT done. Here you can see the walls around the shower are painted and taped off for painting the accent lines.

Accent lines all done, yay! I do have a new chrome shower curtain rod but that wont go in until I get a new liner to put in.

Nearly all the trim is done around the counter and above now. Just a few small things left. Dealing with all these little fragile pieces of wood is kinda nerve-wracking! I also stained and permanently installed the mirror header apparatus. I havent wired those side lights back up because I finally found some decent looking ones that were affordable to take their place. I should have them by the end of the week I hope. They are Hella-Cool!! I also painted the slanted wall behind the counter and put the accent color on each side edge. I may put some across the top and bottom edges as well but I wont be sure until I get the mirror hung in there so I left it for now. The counter backsplash is installed as well. The sides wont get put in until after the paneling has 2 coats of polyurethane on it.

All the baseboards around the terlet are done. I didnt really want to replace all those but whoever installed them before did such a shit job, one of them even had some paint from a runaway roller smeared across it and they just put polyurethane right over it!! Ummmm, hello, paint (or paper) the walls FIRST then put the baseboard on, or at least try to clean off your paint goobers before you go any further, sheesh!
I still cant decide what to put in that corner. I've looked all over online for a corner shelf or cabinet and all I can find is particle-board-made-in-China crap. It was suggested to me that I put a small fridge in the corner and a TV on the counter because this is gonna be the nicest room in the house now! What'll probably happen is I'll end up building something of my own to go there.... one more project for the list!

Friday, September 18, 2009


My all-time fave pic of Lupe Velez for a blogger friend who is now just discovering her.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's My Potty and I'll Cry If I Want To - Part IV...

The further adventures in renovation hell...

Well, I cursed and bitched and was hella-pissed off by sunday night but I got all the wallpapering done that I wanted to get done last weekend. Here's a close up of the pattern. Very easy to match that's for sure!

Iinside corners are the hardest part. This one didnt match up that well but most likely there will be some type of corner shelf here anyway

The second inside corner matched up really well though, yay! I didnt have to worry about the 2 outside corners on the short divider wall because they're going to get a wooden corner thing covering them anyway.

With that wallpapering out of the way I could start on the paneling by the counter.

It's actually starting to look like something now! that skinny piece of trim leaning against the wall will eventually be what covers the joint between the paneling and the wallpaper.

I still dont know if I wanna use these lights. I found some others I really like but they're kinda pricey!

I'm making my own drawer pulls out of black walnut. The metal ones are OK but the wide wooden ones will look much better I think. This one was a test run. Gotta make 11 more now.

I cant stress enough how important a clean, well-organized work area is for obtaining quality results!

The Sub-Human Adventure will continue...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's My Potty and I'll Cry If I Want To - Part III...

It has begun...

And then the Emperor turns to me and says...

"I feel the hate swelling within you now...."

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's My Potty and I'll Cry If I Want To - Part II...

Another fun-filled update on my bathroom renovations...

The party wall (should it be the potty wall?) between my apartment and the small studio apartment next door leaves a lot to be desired as far as noise bleeding through so I decided to install a second layer of sheet rock over the existing one with a layer of green glue (a visceolastic compound that absorbs sound waves) between them. I did the same thing in my art studio room upstairs and the results were awesome!

New drywall installed, taped, sanded and ready to prime. Sanding drywall is the truly the ass end of any type of construction work. I hate it!

The ceiling with all that nasty popcorn shit scraped off, sanded and ready to prime. This angle kinda reminds me of how they used to film the bad guy's hideouts on the old Batman TV show! Where's Julie Newmar dammit!!

Ceiling all painted, came out pretty good, better than I thought it would! Isnt this exciting!!!

Here I started to install the cedar paneling on the new drop down ceiling thing above the counter. This is the fun part for me!

That went easier than anything I've done on this project so far! Still needs the trim pieces to dress up the joints and things but that's as far as I can go with it for now.

A view from the bathroom doorway. Trying to get a pic that actually gives an idea of how this room is set up! On the right side you can just see the washing machine and behind that wall sticking out on the left is where the terlet is.

New light fixture over the camode. I installed one over the washer-dryer area as well...now they both actually match!! who woulda thunk it! It kinda reminds me of the dome of the Enterprise! I also spent almost an hour taking the exhaust vent fan apart and cleaning it.

Here I've test fit the maple header board apparatus that will eventually hold the mirror. The areas that are chiseled out for the screws will have decorative wood blocks covering them when it's done. You can also see some brown wall board installed. That will get covered with cedar paneling but I had to put that board down first so that the drywall and paneling would be flush at the joint. it's still in the ugly stage but less so than before and no more drywall to sand, woo hoo!

Another thrill-packed installment coming soon!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

One More Time...

The last of the Sherilyn Fenn scans...

More Sherilyn Fenn...

More pics of the lovely Miss Fenn. The first two are from her extraordinary shoot for Playboy Magazine.

To Be Continued...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sherilyn Fenn...

In tribute to the memory of Joe Bloke's sadly defunct "Fit Birds" blog I'm gonna post a bunch of pics of one of the most incredible-looking women to ever set foot in front of a camera!
So this holiday weekend it's "All Sherilyn Fenn-All the Time!"

To Be Continued...