Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's My Potty and I'll Cry If I Want To - Part IV...

The further adventures in renovation hell...

Well, I cursed and bitched and was hella-pissed off by sunday night but I got all the wallpapering done that I wanted to get done last weekend. Here's a close up of the pattern. Very easy to match that's for sure!

Iinside corners are the hardest part. This one didnt match up that well but most likely there will be some type of corner shelf here anyway

The second inside corner matched up really well though, yay! I didnt have to worry about the 2 outside corners on the short divider wall because they're going to get a wooden corner thing covering them anyway.

With that wallpapering out of the way I could start on the paneling by the counter.

It's actually starting to look like something now! that skinny piece of trim leaning against the wall will eventually be what covers the joint between the paneling and the wallpaper.

I still dont know if I wanna use these lights. I found some others I really like but they're kinda pricey!

I'm making my own drawer pulls out of black walnut. The metal ones are OK but the wide wooden ones will look much better I think. This one was a test run. Gotta make 11 more now.

I cant stress enough how important a clean, well-organized work area is for obtaining quality results!

The Sub-Human Adventure will continue...

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J.B. said...

It's really beginning to shape up, hon. Good work!
The light fixture's ok, but not loving the silver with all those caramel tones and dark wood. Have you considered something like a brushed brass or brushed nickel? I just saw a nice brushed nickel up-light style sconce online -- Not too expensive, either. But actually, price is no object since it's your money!