Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Mrs Artman!

Though I have been severely unfaithful to you as of late, your blonde winsomeness always manages to bring me back to you!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Remembering Ray Harryhausen

 I've been feeling mighty sad about yesterday's passing of cinematic genius Ray I took a break from my "Lettathon 2013" (Loretta Young fest) and last night I watched his first feature, Mighty Joe Young. As always is the case when I watch one of Ray's gems, I am transported back to my days as a kid and being galvanized by his amazing creations! Ray did it all...he directed, photographed, wrote, drew, painted, sculpted, animated and he did it with imagination, style, class and a great sense of drama and humor!

Joe's intro into the film has him making mischief with a lion!

The always enjoyable Robert Armstrong and Terry Moore

The great Ben Johnson, one of John Ford's go-to-players. Ford was co-producer on this film!

Mighty Joe Young has a fine cast, is well-directed, is fun, exciting and funny, but Mr Joseph Young is the star and Mr Harryhausen gave him heart, personality and a mischievious sense of humor! There was a remake several years ago starring Charlize Theron that I have never seen and most likely never will. This is sacred ground to me and there is no need for a retelling, rehashing or remaking of this picture. 

When I saw the last frames of the film (above) I thought to myself with much sadness 
"and from Mr Ray Harryhausen too"

thank you Ray!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Fun Stuff!

Picked up a few items for my collection in the past couple of months, all at righteous prices. I am now officially obsessed with Loretta Young.

Lobby Card for "Doctor Takes a Wife" a very funny film that I'll be reviewing in a massive Loretta Young post scheduled for here in the near future!

Vintage 8 x 10" publicity still of Fredric March and Loretta Young from the hilarious comedy "Bedtime Story". Gotta love that hat!

Vintage 5 x 7" promo picture of Loretta, circa late 30's, i.e. "The Fox years"

another vintage  5 x 7" promo still, don't know the year

Vintage 9 x 12" printed promotional picture of Loretta Young  for "Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back" 1934

Vintage 5 x 7" promo pic of Joan Blondell