Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! Happy Birthday to MEEEE!

What could be better than a nice visit from Loretta Bunny topped off with some Birthday Spankings with Mrs Artman?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Artwork...Toby Wing!

Just finished this up last night...

"Portrait of Toby Wing" - For those that aren't familiar with her, Toby was a chorus girl and actress in the 1930's, usually showing up in either a Paramount or Warner Bros picture. She appeared in several of those famous Busby Berkely musical numbers, often being one of the "Close-up girls". She was photographed and publicized constantly and even has a star on the Holly wood walk of fame! Not bad considering almost all of her film appearances are uncredited bit parts! 

 All colored pencil on 15" x 15" strathmore 500 series tinted paper. I used only 2 colors, dark umber and white, which is something I never tried before but I wanted to emulate the vintage sepia look of the old movie star photos. Also, I rarely ever make a square picture and for some reason I rarely ever draw blondes! 

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Monday, March 11, 2013

New Fun Stuff!!!

I recently acquired 4 new classic movie star sigs... at righteous prices btw  hehe whoooooopeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

WB great workhorse actress Glenda Farrell

My fave lady of the screen lately, Loretta Young

Sally Eilers, co starred with Richard Barthelmess in William Wellman's "Central Airport" and later with Warren William in "Strange Illusion" 

and the great character actor Mr. Robert Barrat! These last 3 all came from the same autograph book and were signed sometime in the 1930's. Now I need to find some nice vintage photos to frame these up with, all except Mr Robert Barrat...

I picked up this still of Mr. Robert Barrat from WB "Mountain Justice" quite some time ago and its just been sitting here waiting for a nice signature to be framed up with!!!

and *ahem* thank you blogger for not breaking my fucking balls with this post, for ONCE!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Loretta Young :D

Just finished last night...

I've been watching so many of her pre-code films lately (courtesy of TCM's awesome star of the month tribute to her in January) that I felt compelled to try and capture lovely Loretta on paper. Canson tinted paper to be exact, approx 15" x 20" with 2H and HB pencil and white colored pencil.

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New Artwork...

Finished up this past weekend, another "Master Copy" exercise working from a Frank Frazetta oil masterpiece, this time "Silver Warrior", which I added a little twist to and changed into Wonder Woman, haha! Just copying exactly would be boring for me so I have to do something to add some fun to the challenge of ATTEMPTING to emulate Frank's painterly style using colored pencils...I am very pleased with how this came out and rather like to think Wonder Woman fits this concept well. I tried my best to make her look like how a Frazetta Wonder Woman might look and I enjoyed designing the Wonder Sleigh! I learned some valuable lessons making this picture and that's what these copy exercises are all about.

btw for those that might be interested I now have a facebook page dedicated to my art. I post all the finished work as well as Work in Progress and other fun and/or useless things

Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy 100th Birthday John Garfield!

"Julie" has been in my top echelon of favorite actors pretty much since the very first film I ever saw him in, that being "Gentleman's Agreement", a film he promptly stole from his co-stars with only a few scenes. My interest started when I was watching Martin Scorses's classic "Mean Streets" and at one point while toasting a friend on his way to "Nam" Harvey Keitel says: "In the words of the immortal John Garfield, get 'em in the eyes, get 'em in the eyes"...I wanted to know why Scorsese was quoting some actor I had barely heard of and after seeing just a few of his films, I understood! He left us way too soon but he sure did some fine work while he was here and certainly set a precedent for guys like Brando and Dean. Here's to ya Julie!

Friday, March 1, 2013

The return of THE DESK!!!!!!!!!!

I've been chipping away at all the wonderful early pre-code Loretta Young films I burned off of TCM last month and tonight while watching "The Ruling Voice" (which I had actually seen many years ago) I spotted "THE DESK"!!!!!!!

For any that have been around here for a while, you may recall I wrote a piece about this amazing Art Deco desk appearing in 3 different films, well now we can add a 4th to the list! Below are the other 3 pictures this awesome desk appears in...

"Beauty and the Boss" starring Warren William and Marion Marsh

"High Pressure" Starring William Powell

"Under Eighteen" starring Warren William and Marion Marsh

It is my intention that someday I will build a replica of this Desk for my very own!

btw suck! 
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