Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Artwork...

Finished up this past weekend, another "Master Copy" exercise working from a Frank Frazetta oil masterpiece, this time "Silver Warrior", which I added a little twist to and changed into Wonder Woman, haha! Just copying exactly would be boring for me so I have to do something to add some fun to the challenge of ATTEMPTING to emulate Frank's painterly style using colored pencils...I am very pleased with how this came out and rather like to think Wonder Woman fits this concept well. I tried my best to make her look like how a Frazetta Wonder Woman might look and I enjoyed designing the Wonder Sleigh! I learned some valuable lessons making this picture and that's what these copy exercises are all about. OK...next?

btw for those that might be interested I now have a facebook page dedicated to my art. I post all the finished work as well as Work in Progress and other fun and/or useless things


M. D. Jackson said...

You know it's really cold when you hair sticks to the metal of your sword. Either that or you need to cut back on the hairspray.

I like the way you made your signature look like Frank's. A nice touch.

Artman2112 said...

haha yeah right? too much wonder spray! thanks Mike :D