Monday, May 28, 2012

The Return of Artmans Bedroom Antics Part II

Made lots of progress in the bedroom since the last update...

Wallpaper, both normal and the "fancy" stuff is now hung in the bed alcove area. That fancy shit was a PAIN IN THE ASS to deal with!

Also got the 2nd coat of polyurethane done on the ceiling

Base color for the design is done, now comes the FUN part!

Taping off the lighter color...

About 3 hours later...

About 5-6 hours later, I lost track...

Rolled on the 2nd color

Finally its done! There will be moulding pieces between the wallpapers and design area to set them apart from each other. They cant go on until the baseboard is installed.

This design was inspired (i.e. stolen, haha) from the "By A Waterfall" number in WB "Footlight Parade"

Sadly the numerous bathing beauties arent included *sigh*

Now I'm working on the wooden header panel for the opening of the alcove area and also deciding if I'm gonna paint or paper the big closet.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Patricia Ellis

(May 20, 1916 — March 26, 1970)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Warren William, Robert Barrat and...

Mrs Artman of course!

Some new photos and a Lobby Card too

Scotty Welbourne portrait of Patricia Ellis in all her blonde, apple cheeked winsomeness *sigh*

My 2nd Lone Wolf Lobby Card and its from the same film as the other one I have! Once again the 3 principals are shown and we also have character actor workhorse Victor Jory (center) pictured as well! Awesome!

A very nice still of Warren William from his first outing as Perry Mason!

A rather intense image of the great WB character actor Robert Barrat from what is imo his most unforgettable performance. "Mountain Justice" is a decent little B-film starring George Brent, Josephine Hutchinson and Guy Kibbee, but Barrat steals the film as Hutchinson's mentally and physically abusive religious zealot of a father. Robert Barrat is always a treat to see in any film he ever shows up in (and they are MANY!) but he is an absolute living intensity in this particular movie...Ok he's just fucking scary! Now to find an autograph to frame this up with!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Return of Artman's Bedroom Antics woo hoo!

YES I am STILL renovating my bedroom! Lets just say that work, art commisions, movie-watching, lazyness and other various and sundry distractions kept me out of there for several months... but it was high time I got back in there and have made some good progress since the last blog entry...which was over a year ago!

Even Mathilda a.k.a. "Miss Pewfy Pants" is in shock that I am working in there again!

First thing I had to do was finish off the sheet rock! I had to remove and reinstall a new moisture barrier because the other one was totally wrecked. This time its sealed up nice and tight!

Then I framed out the overhangs on each side of the window...these will have a light in each side to illuminate the built-in bookcases under them. I also wired a light to go in the dormer window area, which always was just sort of a black hole in the room before, now it can be a focal point!

Next up I had to start on the first I was just going to do a regular white ceiling with criss-crossing beams but after much ponderance I decided that was far too common place and dreary, so I came up with an alternate plan...paneled ceiling with geometric designs in each takes about 6 hours to do each far 2 are done in the main ceiling area. I like it!

I also got most of the walls sanded and primed, ready for wallpaper or paint or a combo thereof. I want to get the bed alcove area in shape so I started on that ceiling as well.

2 full days work on that and its close to done, just one more coat of satin polyurethane. I am not sure if I like how dark the poly made the unstained panels, so i may decide to paint them with a color to match the walls instead of leaving them natural. It all looks very, very busy right now but I think that's partly because the rest of the room is just primer and partly because it is...busy!

The "Secret closet" all sanded and ready for primer, that was NOT fun!

Yeah its really shaping up in there, haha!

This arrived yesterday, my accent wallpaper for the back wall of the bed alcove area...hella cool! Hand silk screened from Bradbury & Bradbury custom wallpapers, very nice company to deal with but it aint cheap! Thankfully I only needed ONE roll!

This weekend I plan to get the rest of the room primered (I ran out before!), finish urethaning the alcove ceiling and getting that accent wallpaper ready to hang up...