Monday, May 14, 2012

Warren William, Robert Barrat and...

Mrs Artman of course!

Some new photos and a Lobby Card too

Scotty Welbourne portrait of Patricia Ellis in all her blonde, apple cheeked winsomeness *sigh*

My 2nd Lone Wolf Lobby Card and its from the same film as the other one I have! Once again the 3 principals are shown and we also have character actor workhorse Victor Jory (center) pictured as well! Awesome!

A very nice still of Warren William from his first outing as Perry Mason!

A rather intense image of the great WB character actor Robert Barrat from what is imo his most unforgettable performance. "Mountain Justice" is a decent little B-film starring George Brent, Josephine Hutchinson and Guy Kibbee, but Barrat steals the film as Hutchinson's mentally and physically abusive religious zealot of a father. Robert Barrat is always a treat to see in any film he ever shows up in (and they are MANY!) but he is an absolute living intensity in this particular movie...Ok he's just fucking scary! Now to find an autograph to frame this up with!


Cliff Aliperti said...

Oh man, I came here for the Warren headline and now I'm very upset not to own a copy of the movie you recommend with Robert Barrat, another favorite! He does look badass!

Artman2112 said...

it doesnt play very only copy is burned off of a VHS tape from years ago. not a great film but as i said, he is unforgettable! it'll play again someday no doubt about it!