Thursday, May 9, 2013

Remembering Ray Harryhausen

 I've been feeling mighty sad about yesterday's passing of cinematic genius Ray I took a break from my "Lettathon 2013" (Loretta Young fest) and last night I watched his first feature, Mighty Joe Young. As always is the case when I watch one of Ray's gems, I am transported back to my days as a kid and being galvanized by his amazing creations! Ray did it all...he directed, photographed, wrote, drew, painted, sculpted, animated and he did it with imagination, style, class and a great sense of drama and humor!

Joe's intro into the film has him making mischief with a lion!

The always enjoyable Robert Armstrong and Terry Moore

The great Ben Johnson, one of John Ford's go-to-players. Ford was co-producer on this film!

Mighty Joe Young has a fine cast, is well-directed, is fun, exciting and funny, but Mr Joseph Young is the star and Mr Harryhausen gave him heart, personality and a mischievious sense of humor! There was a remake several years ago starring Charlize Theron that I have never seen and most likely never will. This is sacred ground to me and there is no need for a retelling, rehashing or remaking of this picture. 

When I saw the last frames of the film (above) I thought to myself with much sadness 
"and from Mr Ray Harryhausen too"

thank you Ray!

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