Monday, April 20, 2009

Adding to the collection . . .

I just got these in today, 6 Vintage autographed photos of Warner Bros. contract players from the 1940's.

Dolores Moran, probably best known for her role in "To Have and Have Not" with Bogey and Bacall, but also excellent in "The Man I Love" with Ida Lupino and "The Horn Blows at Midnight with Jack Benny. She had a really short career, making only about 15 or so film and TV appearances. Her autograph does not show up very often and when it does it is usually a bit pricey, but this one was a real bargain! A lovely woman with quite lovely handwriting to boot!

Patricia Neal, one of the finest actresses of the post war studio days and a damn good-looking woman too! It's a bit hard to see her sig on this photo because it's so dark but once again for the price I paid I am not complaining. It's a nice Bert Six photo too.

A great Bert Six photo of Virginia "hold the" Mayo, who forever secured her place in film history as James Cagney's treacherous girlfriend in "White Heat"

The great character actor Jack Carson, who shows up in so many excellent films and is always one of the reasons they are excellent! Who can forget him in "The Male Animal", "Mildred Pierce", "The Strawberry Blonde" and "Gentleman Jim" to name just a few.

Dennis Morgan, another stalwart Warner Bros character actor who then became one of their biggest box-office stars in the mid-forties. Not only was he in some of Warner Bros great A-pictures like "Captains of the Clouds", "The Hard Way" and "God is My C0-Pilot" but he also has the distinction of being the star of the one and only film Bogey ever played a zombie in, that being the classic B-film, "The Return of Dr X"!

And finally we get to the crowning piece in this batch of stills, the one and only Mr. Alan Hale! Probably best known for playing Little John in "The Adventures of Robin Hood" but Mr Alan Hale appeared in over 230 films from 1911 to 1950 with the likes of Douglas Fairbanks, Greta Garbo, Clark Gable, Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyck, Olivia DeHavilland, Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney, John Garfield, Edward G Robinson and he appeared in 12 films with his buddy Errol Flynn! Yes sir, I am very happy to have Mr Alan Hale's autograph in my house now!


J.B. said...

Wow! The Patricia Neal photo is my favorite of these -- just gorgeous.
Were these new finds from an online source or another show?

I'm not much of a collector of anything these days and you can probably guess my feelings about things that can potentially go "poof!", in particular. But I must admit you have an enviable collection, Artman. Hope to have the opportunity to peruse it in its entirety someday. Thanks for sharing.

Mr. Door Tree said...

Artman,Nice group of autographed pixs! I really like the Alan Hale! I thought you were getting a Patrick Knowles...HAW!