Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's My Potty and I'll Cry If I Want To - Part VII...

It's Potty time again, woo hoo!

The linen closet was a test in problem solving for me. Originally it had no door jamb, but instead metal drywall corners were put on and the 2x4 was just spackled and painted in a rather haphazard manner. This was not acceptable but I couldnt just nail a wood door jamb over it because then the nice wooden bi-fold door wouldnt fit! So, I decided I had two options - 1. cut the sheet rock, remove the 2x4 on each side and reposition it so the opening would then be wide enough to accept the door jamb wood while allowing the old door to still fit. I didnt like that idea at all, more drywall dust! The only other option I could think of was to rip down each side of the 2x4 an amount equal to the width of the door jamb wood. Then I could install the jamb and all the measurements would be just as they were except look a whole hell of a lot better. So that's what I did and it sure was fun sawing down a 7' long 2x4 with a short hand saw. I couldnt use a longer one because I would knock into the back wall of the closet and punch holes in it. It took about 20 minutes per side and was quite the workout I must say!

Door jamb in place, NOW I could get the rest of the wallpapering done!

This second go round of papering went MUCH faster as only a few pieces needed to be full length. All the edges needed extra paste put on them though just as before.

Inside corners are the hardest part as always. I took the main door off the hinges because I didnt want wallpaper paste slopping all over it. You can see the back end of my washing machine sitting in the middle of the kitchen. Waaaaay in the b/g are my one-sheet posters for Blackwell's Island with John Garfield and Devil Dogs of the Air with James Cagney and Pat O'Brien

FINALLY! wallpapering all done!!!!

The Washer/Dryer area all painted. I really felt like I turned a corner with this whole project when I put those machines back in place. Now to get caught up on laundry!

With the papering all done I finished up the closet door jamb/casing and stained it all. What a VAST improvement! I also finished up painting the inside of the closet last night. All the main lighter color painting is done now.

My new fancy chrome-plated heavy duty all-metal TP holder.
Life is Good!


J.B. said...

Wow! All that work and painstaking documentation and, sorry to admit, the thought that overwhelms is:
I have toilet paper holder envy! ;P
Embarrassingly, I'm aware that says more about me than it does your project, though -- :)
btw, why does one even need a "heavy duty" toilet paper holder? No! Wait! Don't respond to that. There's no answer you could supply that would make me happy I asked.
Seriously, though, it's looking great! And now I understand the door jamb issue-- that was messy. Can't wait to see the whole shebang when you're through.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Its beautiful work. I love that wallpaper.