Monday, February 15, 2010

Clara Bow!

Tonight I watched "Hula", a fun little Clara Bow silent from 1927 directed by Victor Fleming that I had never seen before.

Clara, as "Hula Calhoun", was the whole show and her co-stars could have been cardboard cutouts and it wouldnt have made much difference! Forget plot or story (apparently the writers did!) and just sit back and enjoy 63 minutes of the "It" girl bouncing off the walls, that's whatI did! Clara's first scene had her bathing nude in a river but the highlight was her doing a sexy Hula dance...hard to say if it was a "Charleston-ized" Hula or "Hula-ized" Charleston but it makes no difference, Clara pulled it off with style and vigor....yeah, lots of vigor!

The print on the DVD I have is pretty shabby but so far as I know it's the only one available right now. I feel lucky that it's available at all really! By the end of 1927 Clara had made over 35 films in 5 years and many are lost. Even worse is NONE of her movies from 1928 exist, which sadly includes her only color film "Red Hair". The pic above is a net find.

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Francy said...

I've never heard of this one, but I will have to watch it. I'd die to see her do the hula-Charleston!