Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Quickie with Clara Bow...

Three more vintage Clara Bow items found their way to my house this week!

A nice 5" x 7" promo photo, circa 1926-27 I estimate.

An unused postcard, not sure what country... it says "Postkaart" on the back, jah jah! The prices on all these were ridiculously low.

Another postcard, this one from a small town in France (Remulak maybe? Meps! Meps!). Unused and in really excellent condition. The image is a 1928 publicity shot for "Red Hair", Clara's only color film that, like all her other releases of 1928, is now considered lost. I can only imagine how awesome she must have looked in 2 strip-technicolor *sigh*


Lotus Flower said...

I laffed at the titled for a minute. lol
What lovely photos..and the handwriting so sweet!

Francy said...

I love the third photo. She looks so cute!

Lemmy Caution said...

Beautiful !