Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Bright Lights"

I managed to watch 2 new-to-me films over the last 2 nights so I'll put the spotlight on the one I enjoyed most!

Tonight I watched "Bright Lights", a fast-moving 1935 Warner Bros production directed by Busby Berkeley that stars Joe E. Brown, Ann Dvorak and Patricia Ellis.
Joe E Brown is an actor I used to not like at all but over the last several years I have totally turned around my opinion on him! In this film he does it all - slapstick, jokes, sings, summersaults, back flips, swings onto the stage from a balcony and even gets involved in a wacky acrobatic nightclub act! Not once did I detect the use of a stuntman either!

It was great fun to see the lovely Ann Dvorak dancing and singing, she's been a fave of mine for years now. August 2nd was Ann's Birthday, born back in 1911.

I did say lovely didnt I?

Another treat for the eyes was Patricia Ellis, especially in this scene!
As Joe himself might say "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPEEEEEEE!!!!!"

Here's Joe mixing it up with the "Maxellos"! I wonder how much of it was actually rehearsed because it looked to me like a lot of things were happening that no one had planned for!
So I say if you havent seen this or dont really know who Joe E. Brown is, check this one out if you get a chance.... he's in top form and it's a very entertaining little picture!
Last night I watched "Bardelys the Magnificent", a King Vidor silent from 1926 starring John Gilbert. It was fun, well-made and Gilbert was a treat as always, but I'd pick "Bright Lights" over it any day!

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Raquelle said...

I watched a Joe E Brown film the other day, Sally (1929). He's definitely an acquired taste. :-)