Sunday, December 19, 2010

Artman's Bedroom Antics....Part IV

The latest work in my bedroom renovations. As Clint from Heartbreak Ridge might say...

"Its a Clusterfuck sir!"

First the easy part! I got my 5 main recessed overhead lights installed and wired up the dimmer switch, nice!!

And here's my real problem...Mr. door...brown-eyed devil, plannin' on taking me back slam... *oops* sorry, had a Vin Diesel moment there...Well, take a look at this mess, is it any wonder that door NEVER shut right from the day I moved in?

I was hoping to get the old door jamb off and reinstall it again properly, but 'twas not to be! So I took a new piece of jamb wood and chiseled out the three hinge mortises (in lamens terms- chisel out a little 'seat' for the hinge to sit in so its flush with the piece of wood) and screwed it in place. The first step is always to get the hinge side installed level and tight and then work it from there. If that part is wrong the rest wont have a chance in hell of being right, as the previous door installer had so gloriously proven!

I also installed some more drywall....yeah i friggin hate working with that shit! The overhead lights look good!

Ok time to test the door and make it level???


So get the rest of the jamb installed and then I gotta fix my one mistake (besides starting this whole project in the first place that is!) which was I underestimated how poorly that door was installed and so I didnt cut my first piece of sheetrock wide enough, which left a gap between the door and the wall that the door trim wouldnt be wide enough to cover (check the previous pics above). So the fix was simple, just cut a small piece of sheetrock and fill in the gap. You can also see I have the "secret closet" all walled in and started taping that as well. At the end of the day the door closes like a champ, so yay for me.

Here I installed some pieces of 1/2" plywood flush into the back wall where my bed is gonna go. This is so when I install my wall sconces (which are really heavy) they will be biting into wood not drywall and I wont need wall anchors or anything else. This whole wall is going to get a new piece of sheet rock installed right over this mess and none of this will show or need to be smoothed over. I also installed 1/4" plywood on the alcove ceiling above. This is because I'm eventually going to use decorative paneling up there and it'll be way easier to install that with some wood to nail into. It's also way lighter than drywall would be. Still it was FUN putting those pieces up all by myself.
Next up is start getting the ceiling finished off. Oh yeah I just cant WAIT for that slice of hell!


J.B. said...

Hey! It's been a while so I decided to drop by and take a peek at what was happening in Artman's bedroom...ooolaalaa!! :)
Didn't you have a similar door jamb problem in the bath?
Truth told, I can't say yet whether it's looking good or not, but I know it will when all is said and done or should that be "when all is cursed and kicked"?
So does this mean you're still losing sleep on the dining room table? Or were you on the kitchen floor? bathroom floor? ;)

Artman2112 said...

hah, no shit huh? well i can tell you honestly it really does NOT look good, its in a serious "ugly" stage right now! no i didnt have this problem with the bathroom door at all *sigh*

thanks for taking a look and commenting!