Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Artwork...

Having fun with Harley Quinn again!

2H and HB pencils on 14" x 17" sketch paper.

I'm sure I'll do this one in colored pencil at some point.


Ginger Ingenue said...

Please tell me SHE's not your next-door neighbor. ;)

If you do in her color, what color will the shoes be??

That's where my eyes go...straight to the shoes.'s the second place my eyes went. ;)

I do hope you're well! :)

Ginger Ingenue said...

"If you do in her color..." Ha. I meant to say, if you do HER in color. :)

For some reason, I see the shoes as green...

Artman2112 said...

hi Ginger, hah, no she's not my neighbor, sadly!

here's a picture i did last month that shows the shoes in color:

sorry i took so long to reply but i think you're probly the last person that would complain about that huh? heheheh! yes i am picking on you!

J.B. said...

Love the grinnin' panties, Artman. You're such a hoot. :)