Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mrs Artman wears Pannytoes!!!

Two more signed 8" x 10" pictures of Patricia "Mrs Artman2112" Ellis I've acquired within the past few months.

OK now to TRY and explain the "Pannytoes" reference in the title...when my niece was little she LOVED playing dress up and of course always wanted to wear Pantyhose, but being as she was like 3 she called them "Pannytoes", so of course the whole family calls them that to this day! Anyway imagine my delight and joy when I see Mrs Artman sporting REAL Pannytoes...that is, pantyhose with the toes exposed!!

I love when vintage stills come with these little blurbs attached to the back!


Patti said...

Well this is rather personal, but I guess I wear Pannytoes in the winter. I rarely ever wear pants, maybe only about 5% of the time. Now that I live in this stupid winter climate (I'm from Florida), my legs get cold in the winter, so I have to wear stockings or panty hose. Just this past winter, I discovered toeless pantyhose (aka panty toes), which enables me to keep my legs and the bulk of my foot warm, while still wearing the open-toed shoes I love!

I'm glad to meet "Mrs. Artman!"

Artman2112 said...

haha yay panny-toes!!!! i've lived in new england all my life but i agree, winter is indeed stupid!