Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Mathilda . . .

A few pics I've taken of my insane little kitty over the last few weeks . . .

She hasnt set paw in this cat bed in 2 years and all of the sudden one day about 2 weeks ago I find her like this!

Those "crazy eyes" again!!!!

Stretched out on the little couch . . . she NEVER used to sit or sleep on this at all, now she's there all the time!

So frackin' WEIRD!!!!

When I first got her she did not seem very fluffy at all, almost a short-haired kitty but now, holy crap!! Her back legs have become so fluffy I have dubbed her "Little Miss Pewfy Pants"! But ya have to say it in the Cartman voice or it's no good!

Here's short video of us in the bathroom playing one of her favorite games . . . I call it "Hooded Avenger!", after that we play "Attack of the Beast with 5 Fingers!". She's so much fun!!!

disclaimer: no animals were injured during the making of this film but she sure bit the crap outta my hand!


Robert McKinney said...

Weird is the kitty version of normal.

J.B. said...

Cats always have the upper hand in this game going for that tender, vulnerable webbing between the thumb and forefinger as they invariably do. And I'm rooting for the clear winner,"Go, Mathilda, GO!"
Heh heh heh heh heh...

In that second picture in the cat bed her eyes have a human quality I can't quite identify...that's always weird in a cat.
Thanks for sharing, hon.
:D j