Friday, March 13, 2009

They Had Legs . . .

And they knew how to use them!
Some more stills from my collection.

A Warner's publicity still of an incredibly sultry-looking Ann Sheridan, aka "The Oomph Girl"! I think Ann is one of the most underappreciated actresses of her era. She had style to burn and made any film she appeared in better just by being in it! Some films that really showcase her talents are "Juke Girl", "It All Came True", "City for Conquest" and "Torrid Zone", where she nearly stole the show from all including James Cagney and Pat O'Brien!

Barbara Stanwyck in a publicity still for William Wellman's classic "Lady of Burlesque". Babs also made "So Big", "The Purchase Price" and "Great Man's Lady" with Wellman

BB!!! I've only seen 2 of her films, "Dear Brigitte" with Jimmy Stewart and "The Legend of Frenchie King" with Claudia Cardinale, which was pretty much laughably bad but well-worth seeing anyway!

Carole Landis. What a shame she died so young.

Beautiful Cyd Charrise had one of the most incredible pair of stems in Hollywood history, and brother could that woman dance! She's unquestionably my fave female dancer of all time. The term "body language" was probably invented by someone watching her! I was very sad when i heard she passed away last year.

A great shot of Gloria Grahame

Amazing Grace . . . *sigh*

Ida Lupino in a publicty shot for Warner's excellent drama "The Man I Love". Ides was yet another one of those actresses who had started at another studio but really found her niche at Warner Bros.

A silly publicity still of beautiful Jane Greer.



Aldous said...

"They Had Legs"!

Great post. This one and the previous one about Mathilda have convinced me that you and I would probably see eye-to-eye on most things of importance (eg. women and cats)...

For me, there's something captivating about Carole Landis. I love that picture. She seems very slim in contrast to my usual tastes, but she has a real presence. (Also, that's a great photograph, which always helps.) "Died so young"? I don't know anything about her. Can you post some more information? She is the stand-out in your "Legs" collection.

Artman2112 said...

Carole commited suicide at age 29 after a host of personal and professional problems plagued her. i love that pic of her too, it's the only still i have and i dont even remember where i found it, probably at one of the CT papermania shows from years back, but i'm not sure. glad you enjoyed the post!! i have many, many more stills to scan and share here so stick around!

and more silly cat pics too!

Joe Bloke said...

a great post, fella. that Lana Turner pic - which I've not seen before - is a knockout.

Lisa_mynx said...

btw, i was just the 666th visitor to your profile... heh heh, i'm evil

ejm2000 said...

I like Bardot; mostly on account of her Beauty. I would not like to sound cynical but I do think that she used to be a nice adornment in every film. She was not much of an actress but a pretty, precious jewel that everyone was supposed to crave for. Still nice to look at and nice to collect ;)