Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yup, More Flynn!

The last of my Errol Flynn tribute. All these Flynn pics were scanned from stills, original and repro, from my own collection.

Flynn with Ann Sheridan in Lewis Milestones riveting "Edge of Darkness". Certainly one of the most intense and serious films either one of those great stars ever appeared in.

Flynn Shaking down Ward Bond for some info about a murder in "Dodge City". On the left is Guinn "Big Boy" Williams and on the right is, of course, Alan Hale.

Another still from "Desperate Journey". Once again Alan Hale has a hilarious expression on his face!

A hilarious scene from "They Died with Their Boots On", the last film Flynn and Oliva appeared together in and the only one where their characters got married. Warner's take on the story of General Custer is practically worthless as history but is a damn entertaining film! Sidney Greenstreet's appearance in the film is worth his weight in gold (and that's a LOT!)

Flynn once again with Ann Sheridan in the western "Silver River".

Flynn with S.Z. "Cuddles" Sakall and Alexis Smith in "Montana", a film i have yet to see!


J.B. said...

You must have an extensive photo collection. Great images.
Thanks for sharing. j

Raquelle said...

Very nice!

Considering They Died with Their Boots on is my first Errol & Olivia film, I think you ruined the rest of them for me. Now I know they won't be married in anything else.

Artman2112 said...

maybe next time you'll tell me about the onions!

but i am aghast you have not seen Robin Hood yet!!!!