Monday, May 25, 2009

Herbert, Herbert, Herbert . . .

I dont think anyone who's ever seen the classic Star Trek "Hippie" episode "The Way to Eden" could ever forget it, especially the lead hippie with the "Cauliflour" ears, "Dr Severin" as played by the now legendary Skip Homeier!

My cousin is totally obsessed with this episode and so for his 43rd b-day I gave him a Skip Homeier autographed card that I recently found on ebay! To say he was happy with his gift is putting it mildly, he actually said "My life is complete now!" It will go great with his genuine Charles Napier autographed Star Trek card from the same episode that I gave him a few years ago!

"Steppin' into Eden, yaaaaaaaaaaay Brother!"

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J.B. said...

You're such a peach!
Happy Memorial Day, Artman.