Sunday, May 17, 2009

Much Better!

Last weekend I painted the wall behind my newly acquired Art Deco dressing table a lighter color and have some proper decorations hung up there now. Looks much better in my opinion!

The picture by the phone is a vintage autographed 5"x7" of Joan Leslie, the large one by the thermostat is a vintage Ann Sheridan autographed photo and the one highest up in the silvery frame is a vintage Elanor Parker autographed still. All the rest are vintage promo postcards. The autographed still in the red frame on the table is of Margaret Lindsay, one of Warner bros workhorse character actresses in the 1930's. A lovely lady with a very pretty signature as well!

1 comment:

J.B. said...

Looks good. Post another pic with the opposing wall design in the mirror -- same position as the previous set, please.