Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Stuff...

A few little items I added to the collection this week...

A small card signed by Joan Blondell, a signature that was long overdue to be part of my Warner Bros. collection! Now I have to find a good vintage still to frame this up with.

A neat little book with nicely reproduced pics of magazine covers by Rolf Armstrong. Some text as well. I did NOT know he was the uncle of actor Robert Armstrong of "King Kong" fame!

A choice vintage still of actress Alice White taken by Elmer Fry. She was Warner Bros. answer to Clara Bow but never became a big star. She's in some good films though and is always a treat to see. She's great in "Widow from Chicago" with a pre-"Little Caesar" Eddie G. as a gangster and in "The Picture Snatcher" and "Jimmy the Gent" with James Cagney. She generally played either a floozie or a ditz or a combination thereof!

I've had this Alice White signed card for several years but didnt have a good still to frame it up with.... now I do, woo hoo!!

A nice Enoch Bolles print!

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Elsie said...

Rolf Armstrong is one of my favorite artists! Love the other actress pics, too.