Sunday, July 12, 2009

Richard Conte...

One of my blog followers is, in her own words, "crushing on Richard Conte" right now, so I thought she might like to see these.

I watched "House of Strangers" tonight, a film I saw once many years ago and remembered liking a lot and I still do! A great cast including Eddie G, Susan Hayward, and Conte, plus a sharp edged screenplay by Phillip Yordan and an uncredited Joe Mankiewicz, who also directed, make this a winner all the way. Susan looked positively drop-dead beautiful in every scene she was in... had to get out the drool cup! I used to have the 1-sheet poster for that film but let it go at some point, must have needed groceries or something...*sigh*

My vintage Richard Conte autograph, torn out from someone's autograph book. I got this in a deal with a handful of other sigs including Alan Ladd and Ben Johnson.

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Ginger Ingenue said...

Oh gosh, he had awful hand-writing!


Thanks for posting this, Paulie. :)

Glad you enjoyed your re-watching of HOUSE OF STRANGERS.

I'm gonna watch WHIRLPOOL tonight.