Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's My Potty and I'll Cry If I Want To - Part I...

A few weeks ago I started renovating my bathroom. I guess this project falls under the "Wood and Whatnot" category here. It has started off as a battle right from the start so if you hear any sobbing sounds far off in the distance most likely it is me crying secretly from frustration with this blasted project!

We must have a "before" pic of course. I'm starting with the counter area because that will have the most changes. If any of you people out there are thinking it's fun to try and shave one's face and/or head with no light overhead and with a slanted mirror, you'd be right! Gotta do something about that!

The idea was to add some recessed lights overhead so I can see what the hell I'm doing! I boxed out a little drop down ceiling over the counter area and I can wire the new lights right into the existing ones situated on either side of the counter so they all operate off the one switch.

The overhead lights temporarily in place. I also added a new piece of sheetrock to the back slanted wall because the work done on the original was so half-assed it was just easier to start fresh. That way I could get some nice square corners and straight seam lines. I HATE doing sheet rock work and this piece in particular was a LOT of fun to install all by myself! That shit is HEAVY!!

I did the wiring last night and everything works great! First time I ever installed new electrical work like this before so I spent the rest of the night patting myself on the back for a job well done! Many thanks to Door Tree enthusiast Davey Wavey for his advice on the wiring configuration!

Let there be light!!!

This pic doesnt really show the difference like it is in real life but it is already like a totally different room now. The front panel up above will have cedar paneling all the way across and the side walls will as well. I ordered 8 rolls of wallpaper the other day (that in itself will be a new definition of pain and suffering for me!) for the rest of the room and I've also decided to scrape that nasty popcorn crap off the ceiling and repaint it smooth. Those long blocks of wood residing where the slanted wall meets the new ceiling are what will hold the header board that the mirror apparatus will eventually attach to. It sure is in an "Ugly Stage" right now though!

To Be Continued...


J.B. said...

So, Artman, long time no read. What the hell've you been up to, y'slacker?!

...looking good. :) j

p.s. But just so you know, my wicked mind has already started running the teaser for next week's entry:

Adventures in wallpaper selection == Will he go with the subtle, pretty pink floral or the big bold sunflowers on a retro silver metallic background? Tune in and find out!
(uh, oh -- hope I didn't just make you rethink!) heh heh heh

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Death Dealer...nice. Everyone needs some Frazetta to help move things along.