Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Lovelies for the Lovely Weekend...

Another batch of lovely ladies from movies and TV...

Christina..... *sigh*

Crystal Bernard...I used to love her on "Wings" but even before that I would watch that silly show "It's a Living" just to see her.

Gene Tierney.... the pic speaks for itself.

Linda Hamilton... my life was never the same after T-2!!

Marina Sirtis. I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady at a Trek convention many years ago. She was funny, charming and drop dead gorgeous and loved every minute of the attention she got from everyone..... awesome!

Natalie Wood

And her little sister Lana Wood

Buffy..... *BIG Sigh*

Senta Berger

The incredible Sherilyn Fenn. I'll be doing a full tribute posting of her sometime soon.


joe bloke said...

that's a cracking picture of Gene Tierney, that. & I'm waiting on the Ms. Fenn post here.

yup. just waiting, me.

still waiting. . .

J.B. said...

Crystal Bernard is just a living doll, isn't she? She just seems so sweet and incredibly likable, too.