Monday, November 2, 2009

It's My Potty and I'll Cry If I Want To - Part VIII...

"Welcome to the Potty Pal!!!!"

Lots of progress at Potty Central...

All the Polyurethane is done on the main door, closet door, all the basboards and all the misc trim except for the paneling and over head counter area.

Inside the closet. I had to do it! With shelves on each side instead of spanning the entire width of the closet I can actually fit just as much stuff as before but can access ALL of it easily now.

That gloss Urethane sure puts a nice finish on!

I hung a curatin in front of the washer and dryer. Who the hell wants to look at those machines all the time! But I gotta keep the door open cuz my little kitty's potty is in there too so I thought this might look better.

How the edge trim looks, no more wallpaper edges showing! I think it adds a nice finishing touch the the corners.

A nice Heavy Duty towel rack to go with my Heavy Duty TP is indeed good!

I have half of the new drawer pulls installed now. This is how the old ones looked.

Here's how the new custom ones look. Meeza liiiiike it!

Here's the panel glue up for the mirror board. I coulda made it out of plywood but then the edges woulda had to be veneered which didnt appeal to me at all. Same if I used MDF. This seemed the best way to go.

The mirror board will attach to this box, which will angle it out from the wall enough to make it more user-friendly than it was when it was flat against the wall, but not get in the way of the sink like it would if it was a full 90 degrees to the floor.

Test fitting the mirror board. It's pretty damn sturdy despite the fact that it weighs about 20lbs! This is the only big step left now, but I figure another 2 weeks before it'll be done and ready to install. Btw I had to cut that out by hand, I dont have a bandsaw and I wouldnt dare use a portable jigsaw on a glue-up like that. It was fun!


J.B. said...

!!! Wow !!!
You're really in the homestretch now, hon.
And I'm resting easier now that I know you went with the Heavy Duty towel ring...goodness only knows how many disfiguring bathroom mishaps occur because bathers have trusted their safety to lesser quality linen holders (and TP dispensers, for that matter). So, whew!!! Smart choices make safe homes. :)
And I bet you thought I was gonna harp again about that heavy glass object you're intent on hanging precariously above your sink...not this time...I'll wait 'til I see the finished project. ; )

J.B. said...

btw, I got all caught up in my mother henning and forgot to say: It looks real spiffy!
Love the custom pulls and the detailing. Well done, Artman!

Lotus Flower said...

Looking good, now I understand how tired you've been. But in the end, you're going to feel great!