Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Connie Hines...1931-2009

The actress best known for her role as Carol Post, the pretty, shapely and ever-so-patient and understanding wife of Wilbur Post on "Mr. Ed" passed away today at age 78.

Mr Ed is one of my fave old shows. The innocence and silly fun of it all is something absolutely and completely lost on TV these days. The cast was excellent and I dont care who you are, after only a few minutes, you WILL believe Ed really talks!

Her role was a rather thankless one, considering she played second banana to a horse, but according to co-star Alan Young, she never complained and was thrilled when new audiences were re-discovering the show in later years.

After 5 years and 144 episodes the show went off the air but Young and Hines remained friends thereafter and were even reunited onstage in 1996 for a 2 person play called "Love Letters"

A page from the March 31st, 1962 issue of TV guide that featured Mr Ed on the cover. It's a bit ironic that just a few months ago Mr Ed's complete first season was released on DVD.

RIP Connie.


Mr. Door Tree said...


Sorry to hear this sad news! Though I will never be the Mr. Ed fan that you are it is still one of the most surreal shows to ever play on television! Just last week I viewed an episode of Perry Mason (4th Season) that guest starred Miss Hines!

Tom said...

Thank you for posting this. I check her filmography on IMDB, and it seems as if her only movie role was in a western called "Thunder in Carolina". I always thought she was in many more films.

Amanda said...

RIP. I loved Mr Ed!

Artman2112 said...

it is a bit of a shame that she didnt do more acting work but hey there's 144 eps of Mr Ed and that adds up to plenty of Connie to drool over, err i mean, enjoy!

kushtia said...

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