Saturday, November 6, 2010

Artman's Bedroom Antics....Part III

YES! FINALLY! I got my ass back into my bedroom renovations!!

Okay so the electrician was finally able to get out here last Thursday and wire up my ceiling lights, wall sconces, switches and new receptacles. Basically this is what's held me back from making any progress in here. I also had a brainstorm of an idea but it meant dismantling the small closet and reworking it, sort of renovating my renovation so to speak. After pondering it for about a week I decided to (paraphrasing Mommie Dearest) "RIP OUT THAT BITCH OF A CLOSET AND PUT A WALL WHERE IT OUGHT TO BEEEEE!"

ummm yeah something like that......

So to recap here's what it used to look like.....

And here's how it looks now. The closet opening has been relocated to the front wall which I'm gonna build a small display shelf on hinges to cover it, in effect, making it a "hidden closet". Doing this opened up over a foot more floor space where my bed is gonna go and that might not seem like much but believe me it will make the difference from being sort of cramped in that area to NOT being cramped at all, plus I can hang artwork or movie posters there instead of looking at a closet door. It only took about 3 hours to make that change so I'm glad I did it!

Recessed lights are all installed in the main ceiling area now, let there be LIGHT!

Tonight I installed the 2x4's that the ceiling beams will attach to. I had to tack on some strips of 1/2" plywood along one side to make the width equal to the inside dimensions of the larger beams. Working overhead is NOT fun. I still have to patch up the hole where the old woefully inadequate overhead light was.

Here you can see all the wiring for the lights that will go over my bed and the wall sconces as well. Once the celing is in place, I can hook the light fixtures up myself no problem but all that wiring was way to complex for my fragile little mind to comprehend so I hired a professional.

I used some scrap pieces and built some small dummy beams to see how they would look. 2 larger beams with smaller ones intersecting like a tic-tac-toe thing, it'll be hella cool! Of course these are just rough, the finished ones will have nice rounded edges and be stained the same color as the rest of the trim in the room.

Here you can see how it gets installed. Just slips over the 2x4 and then either nailed or screwed in place. The 2 larger beams are gonna be made out of 14' pine boards and should be a laugh riot to install once they're built! I may actually have to find someone to help me with that part of it!

Because I can.

To be continued...


Margaret Benbow said...

These pictures are putting us through a sure to run a complete set when the renovation is handsomely complete, O.K.??!!

Artman2112 said...

but of course! thanks for looking!