Saturday, January 7, 2012

Arty Central...

Last month I redid my art studio to make it a more friendly a place to be in!

Some vintage as well as repro movie items tacked about, some of this stuff has been posted here before - now you know I wasnt lying about it!

I've had the Insert style poster for Nick Ray's "Party Girl' for over 20 years now.

Babydoll watches over my shit whil'e I'm at work.

I keep all my art and comic-related books on this shelf. Not much room left tho...

I store my meager comic collection in this small barrister case. That's my autographed Harley Quinn plate on display with my Billiken Ymir and Cyclops figures (Harryhausen anyone?).

Ya gotta have the comfy corner!

I hate blank walls.

Oh yeah there's where I draw. I need more pencils. I've had that Frankenstein trash can since I was 4!

My Puter desk and TV.


Raquelle said...

very nice! You've got every inch of space covered with something awesome. :-)

Artman2112 said...

thank you Quelle!

Mr. Door Tree said...

WOW...I'm impressed! You've crammed more stuff in there than a Chinee Joss House..HAW!

Anonymous said...

Neato! I love seeing how people have personalized their home, and in the case of artists, their studios.