Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Eleanor Parker...

Beautiful, talented, but sadly underappreciated nowadays, she turns 90 years old today.

Eleanor steals the show in "Scaramouche"

from "The Naked Jungle" one of her best films of the 50's

Eleanor rarely ever looked the same from film to film.

Below are some vintage signed stills I own.

From a vintage postcard.


From "Detective Story" with Kirk Douglas, the first time I ever saw her.

In "Pride of the Marines" with John Garfield, the 2nd film of hers I ever saw...I was a goner after that!

"Caged", the mother of ALL women in prison flicks! Eleanor's performance is extraordinary!

A vintage French movie mag I have, below is a computer colored version done by me.

Below are some Lobby Cards I have featuring Eleanor.


KC said...

This is the best gallery! She's so purty.

Artman2112 said...

thanks KC! yeah she is!

My Journey With Candida said...

If you wouldn't of told me, I would have thought it was a different woman in every photograh.

Patti said...

How wonderful to meet someone else who also has an appreciation for the under-appreciated Eleanor Parker. I love her. Only Bette Davis, Susan Hayward, and Barbara Stanwyck trump her in my book.

I may shock you here, considering that Bette is my #1 gal and since "Sunset Boulevard" is around my #5 movie of all-time, and since I also quite like Judy Holliday...but after a back-to-back re-watching of the 4 films of the 5 Academy Award nominated actresses for 1950, I truly believe that Miss Parker ought to have won. Judy Holliday (who did win) was great, so was Bette, so was Gloria Swanson, and even so was Anne Baxter (but I think she ought to have been supporting actress), but Eleanor in "Caged" trumped them all. By the minutest of margins, mind you, as they all gave brilliant performances, but I do believe Eleanor was the best!

Anyhow, all your pictures are beautiful. You have a fantastic collection of memorabilia.

It's awesome that she is still alive. I hope she is in good health and surrounded by family and friends.

It's great discussing these lesser-known, under-appreciated stars with you. Hope you don't mind my long-winded comment.

Artman2112 said...

no i dont mind at all! i agree Eleanor was superb in Caged tho i surely would not want to have been on the oscar voting commitee that year (Judy Holiday would NOT have gotten my vote that much i am sure of). thanks for taking a look!