Friday, February 1, 2013

Ann Dvorak and Glenda Farrell in the house!

In keeping with my love of collecting all things from WB studio during the 30's and 40's here's two vintage 5 x 7 studio promotional cards with faux signatures I nabbed last first solo collectables for either of these lovely ladies! Yay!


Patti said...

I am not familiar with Glenda Farrell, but I was just mentioning on someone else's blog this morning that I think Ann Dvorak was a very under-appreciated actress. She has been quite super in every film I've seen her in.

Anyhow, those are great photos. You sure have an awesome collection. Do you have a movie room devoted to all your memorabilia?

Artman2112 said...

thank you Patti! glenda farrell was one of Warner Bros busiest character actresses in the early to mid 1930's. look her up on IMDB, i'm sure you've seen her before, she's in so many of their classics as well as great b-films...she shows up ALL the time!!

i agree Ann is sensational and what a beauty too *sigh*

no i dont have a room devoted to my collection, my entire house is devoted to it!

check here and you'll get a small sampling of how part of my place looks

it is somewhat different now and i wanna do a more involved post showing the whole place but this will give you an idea :)