Saturday, November 29, 2008

Film Noir

The last 10 days or so i've been on a big Film Noir jag and figured i'd post some stuff in tribute to this great movie genre. I've still been working on my art almost constantly in my off-work hours but now i'm in the midst of rearranging and cleaning up my little studio room which has been sorely needing it for far too long! Anyway i got my little Tee-Vee hooked back up and "D.O.A" is just starting, woo hoo!!! Here's a few images from "Out of the Past", "Force of Evil", "The Big Heat" and "The Dark Corner", all stellar examples of the Noir style and simply just damn good films! More to follow soon!

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Raquelle said...

Hey there! Just want to give you a heads up that and are stealing your content. Go over there and complain! I did and the person pulled down most of my stuff.