Saturday, November 15, 2008

Star Wars weekend . . .

This blog will be pretty much about anything i feel like, hence the title.

So I'm chained to my art table again (self-imposed exile i call it) this weekend and I decided to play all the Star Wars films (in order of course!) while I was working . . . Episode III is more than half done and I am struggling with rendering a leather jacket in colored pencil, all the while the rain has been pounding down on my metal roof . . . good times, good times!

anyway, I thought i'd share a piece of my own artwork so here's a portrait of silent film legend Louise Brooks I did earlier this year. All colored pencil on museum board. Brooksie was a mesmerizingly beautiful and gifted actress, a fascinating personality and certainly posessed a magnificent profile! I've been a fan of hers for about a decade now but this year I really have become borderline obsessed with drawing her or, at least, attempting to!
The whole time I worked on this I had the old Kino video version of "Diary of a Lost Girl" playing on my little Tee-vee next to my art table over and over for inspiration. A really great silent film, although certainly not the "Feel Good" picture of 1929! I love the score on that older version so it's great to listen to even when i am immersed in my work.


Marble River said...

Nice work. Hope to see more of your originals on the blog. I didn't know you had a metal roof.

gihf said...

Of the ones you've shown me, I think this piece is my favorite so far. Can't wait to see more. gihf

p.s. ...hmmm...metal must prefer the snow on it, then. :) And, yes, of course I'm curious to know how it tolerates bolts from the blue.