Monday, December 15, 2008

New Artwork

I've spent the last 3 weeks working on these 3 preliminary pencil pieces. It started out as just one picture, then an art friend of mine said she thought it would make a nice series, so then I thought hmmmmmm, and all these ideas popped into my head and so then i thought, how about a series of 3 that all work together as one pic? So I worked out a design to tie them all together. Doing all 3 of these in Colored Pencil is going to be a serious challenge for a lot of reasons but I've already begun working out colors and trying things for backgrounds, etc. so there wont be too much guesswork once i start on the good board. I plan on using museum board for these so i have the option of using water-soluable pencils if i feel like it. I guess there's a bit of Olivia, a bit of Sorayama, a bit of Mucha and maybe somewhere in there a bit of myself as well! Keep in mind these are not finished pencil drawings so there are smudges, erasure lines and little buggers all over the place. The working title is "Break Shot" but that will probably get changed.

This was the one I did first. At first she was leaning on top of a huge spherical shape, then a silly-looking abstract penis shaped thing, but it was a bit much, then a smaller ball and her foot on a pyramid shape but it looked too much like "trained seal" stuff going on which i didnt like at all, then it hit me, hah, billiard balls!!! The only major changes made after i decided to make the series were I added the Nouveau style shape in the b/g, and I changed the numbers on the billiard balls to go with the color scheme I have in mind. The shoes were fun!

I had a heck of a time settling on a hairstyle for this one but I like how it ended up. Her outfit may get some changes as I'm not totally happy with it yet. Please excuse the gray smudgy spots in the b/g, this was done on rather thin sketch paper and the scanner lid made it a bit wrinkly.

I just finished this one last night. Probably one of the better figures I've done, I'm pretty happy with it! I may jazz up the shoes to better match the ones on the first piece though, like the cue-stick does!

Here's how they look all together! Total measurement will be over 4 feet wide i think, i have no idea how i will mat and frame these when finished but, oh well!


joe bloke said...

oh, hey! are you Paul Petro? the guy that did the really cool Clara Bow/Greta Garbo/Anne Sheridan portraits? sweet! I love your stuff, man.

Artman2112 said...

oh no, my secret identity has leaked out!!!! yup that's me, and TY kindly!!
I guess you must be a follower of Mr Tree's kick ass golden age comics blog!

Juliette. said...

Thanks again-- neat to see how the idea (and the art!) progressed.