Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Noir Lovelies

A few beauties who made an impact in Film Noir . . .

Susan Hayward actually played a "nice" girl in the Noir classic "They Won't Believe Me" with Robert Young playing against type as a 3-timing low-life. Susie almost always played "bad" girls in the first half of her career in Hollywood so it's a bit ironic that one of the only noir film roles she ever had was not another one of those.

Lana Turner in a publicity still for Tay Garnett's "The Postman Always Rings Twice". For my money possibly the best picture ever taken of lovely Lana!

Joan Bennet plays an absolutely heartless gold-digging tramp in Fritz Lang's "Scarlet Street", co-starring Edward G Robinson and the eternally oily Dan Duryea. Joan was one of those starlets who's career changed quite a bit simply by her changing her hair color from blonde to brunette!

Gene Tierney . . . *sigh*

Corrine Calvet only made a small amount of films but her first and best performance in William Dieterle's "Rope of Sand" is well-worth seeing! Burt Lancaster, Paul Henried, Claude Rains and Peter Lorre also starred making it a sort of re-hashing of "Casablanca", though not nearly as good.

No one who's ever seen the "Asphalt Jungle" could forget Marilyn Monroe's appearance in it! To quote the slimy Louis Calhern from the film: "Isnt she a sweet thing!"


Mr. Door Tree said...

Great post Artman! Va va va voom!!!

C.K. Dexter Haven said...

That's one of the better pics of Susan Hayward I've seen. Thanks for sharing that. Happy New Year!

J.B. said...
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J.B. said...

Really good stuff. In complete agreement with CKDH: a stunning shot of Susan Hayward. Your note about the ironic casting of her and Robert Young has picqued my interest -- I'm in search of "They Won't Believe Me" as I type. I'm particularly interested in seeing him playing something other than the good-natured all-American Dad/nice guy. Let me know if you see it coming up on TCM. cheers, j

joe bloke said...

Gene Tierney. . .sigh, indeed.

and Lana!!!


I loved susan in that movie where she conned the whole town and was the governor or something like that for a while! Wooo she was a mega bitch in that movie and she did it so well. Speaking of bitches, to quote my good Bette Davis

"Why am I so good at playing bitches? I think it's because I'm not a bitch. Maybe that's why Miss Crawford always plays ladies."

So shady! lol

neo8717 said...

Thanks for the great Susan Hayward pic. She's one of the sexiest actresses ever. She's sexier in a bathing suit than most women are naked.