Friday, December 12, 2008

The "Saga of the Fish Cabinet" - Part II

Further adventures in woodworking . . .

Here's the main casing with the clamps removed. I'd love to say it's "perfectly" square but it IS very close!

The tenon on one of the joints fit kinda loose (I need more practice cutting those!) and the clamps pulled it out of aligment while the glue dried. Fortunately I used hide glue so I just steamed the joint by laying it over a pan of boiling water which reactivated the glue, I then reclamped it and now it's nice and straight!

Layout marks for a double tenon joint . . . oh i just KNEW that was gonna be fun!

Came out pretty good actually!

And of course the corresponding double mortise.

A nice snug fit, woo hoo!

Getting ready to glue up the smaller casing.

I wanted to make sure no misalignment happened this time!!!

Checking to see how the cabinet doors looked laid out on the main casing. We got the doors from Rockler dot com and the quality and workmanship are excellent!
To be continued . . .

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gihf said...

Can't wait to see the finished cabinet...