Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Diary of a Stripper....part III

Quick update on that desk refinishing project...I can't imagine how it's been for you all having to wait so long for this...

This is an end view of the backing piece and I layed a straight strip of wood across to show how cupped it was. I didnt wanna leave it like that sooooooo...

I got out my trusty liquid hide glue and attached some scrap Ash wood to the inside to straighten it out. There's still plenty of clearance for the drawers to close all the way.

Here's how it looks now. It's not glued back together yet, still plenty of sanding and refining to do, but at least it's starting to look like I actually DID something!

That grain figure on the side should look really nice when a finish is put on it!

A comparison to the other half that I havent started on yet! That back piece is nice and straight and sturdy now, woo hoo!

Something for Joe!


J.B. said...

The grain already looks nice -- can't wait to see the finished piece!
I'll email you my address. Feel free to send it at the 2-day saver rate, eh. ;)

Artman2112 said...

hah, dream on!