Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Millie and Kate's Brilliantly Evil Asthmatic Survey"

Kate posted this over at "Silents and Talkies" and I thought it would be fun to join in and post it here...

1. Which actors do you always (or did you always) mix-up?

Hugh Marlowe and Richard Carlson

2. Gidget or Beach Party?

Buster Keaton was in at least one beach film right? That's all I need to know.

3. Favorite Movie Outfit?

Clint Eastwood's "Man with No Name" poncho get-up. If not that then Annakin Skywalker's kick ass black Jedi duds in Star Wars Episode III

4. If you could be ANY character in ANY movie...who would you choose?

Eastwoods "Man with No Name" from any of Sergio Leone's "Dollars Trilogy".

5. If you could marry ANY character in ANY movie...who would you choose?

Mary Preston (Clara Bow) in "Wings"...if she wouldnt have me then Rosie (Haji) in Faster Pussy Cat...Kill Kill! (cuz of her accent of course!)

6. If you could live in ANY movie...which would you choose?

The Star Wars universe....oh the fun I could have being a Sith Lord!

7. Black & White movies you wish were in Technicolor, or vice-versa?

I wish "Jezebel" was in color. The scene with the red dress woulda been sublime!!! Bette was sublime anyway, but still!

8. Favorite Movie Soundtrack?

very tough but I think Bernard Herrmann's Vertigo gets to me like no other. very close behind that is all of Herrmann's other music and also the Ennio Morricone scores for the Sergio Leone westerns and then right behind them is Walter/Wendy Carlos' brilliant score for Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" and then pretty much anything Max Steiner ever wrote for a film and then....

9. Favorite Movie Dance Sequence?

for a male dancer I gotta say Cagney's "Yankee Doodle Dandy" number. For a female, Cyd Charisse in "Singin in the Rain", but ANY scene with Cyd dancing is a holy experience for me!

10. Coolest Movie Star?

definite tie between Eastwood and Steve McQueen.

11. Sophia or Gina

I'd pick Claudia Cardinale over them both.

12. "Isn't It Romantic" in most Billy Wilder films, or "Red River Valley"

Red River Valley all the way!

13. If you could re-cast ANY role in ANY movie, what would it be?

Spencer Tracy in place of George Brent in "Dark Victory". Gary Cooper in place of Bob Cummings in "Saboteur".

14. Favorite movie character with your first name?

I cant think of any!

15.One movie that should NEVER be remade? (under THE THREAT OF A SLOW, PAINFUL DEATH!)

I swear if anyone ever tries to remake Vertigo I WILL don my Man with No Name poncho and go looking for bounty! I will also add that those fiends who have already remade King Kong TWICE deserve a rather unpleasant demise as well.

16. Actor or Actress who you would love to be best friends with?

for an actress, Clara Bow.... the benefits of a friendship with her would surely be extraordinary.

for an actor, easy one, The Duke!!!!

17. Are you an Oscar or a Felix?

Sadly I vaccilate depending on how busy I let myself get, but the inner Felix is always going to win out eventually!

18. Actor/Actress you originally hated and now love?

Joe E Brown, couldnt stand him at first, now I think he's totally hilarious!

19.Actor/Actress you originally loved and now don't like?

cant think of any!

20. Favorite performance that was looked over by Oscar? (Not to be confused with the aforementioned Oscar of Felix fame.)

Kirk Douglas as Vincent Van Gogh in "Lust for Life" losing out to Yul Brunner as Yul Brunner in "The King and I" in 1956, WTF????

21. Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie?

I do indeed Dream of Jeannie

22. Hannibal Heyes or Kid Curry?

hoo dey?

23. Favorite Style Icon: Fred Astaire or Cary Grant?

I gotta say that's a draw.

24. Single most favorite movie scene EVER?

impossible to answer.

25. Movie you really "should" see, but have subconsciously avoiding for who knows what reason?

the LOTR trilogy.

26. Movie quote you find yourself most often repeating in real life?

lately it's "MAKE ME A SERGEANT IN CHARGE OF THE BOOZE!" from "Them" but it's subject to change without notice.

27. 50's Westerns or 60's Spies?

50's westerns win out every time

28. Favorite splashy, colorful, obnoxious 50's musical?

Dont think I ever saw one that I thought was obnoxious but my fave 50's muscial is "Singin in the Rain" with "Brigadoon" and "The Band Wagon" following very close behind.

29. Favorite film setting (example: Rome, Paris, Seattle, Siberia, Chile, Sahara Desert, etc)

New York City

30. If you could own the entire wardrobe of any film, which would it be?

once again, Eastwoods "Man with No name"....less laundry to do. Either that or Casino or Mad Max.

31. Carol Burnette or Lucille Ball?

both are/were comic geniuses but I definitely watched a lot of Lucy when I was younger so she wins out.

32. Favorite Voice. Ever. Period?

easy one, James Cagney

33. Favorite movie that takes place in your home-state?

Christmas in Connecticut

34. Which actors would you want for relatives? (Mother, Father, Grandma, Crazy Aunt, annoying cousin, older brother, etc...)

Margaret Wycherly from "White Heat" as my Ma, Robert DeNiro from "This Boy's Life" as my dad, Donald Crisp from "Broken Blossoms" as my grandpa, Bette Davis from "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane" as my gandma, Tallulah bankhead from "Lifeboat" as my crazy Aunt, Joseph Cotten from "Shadow of a Doubt" as my uncle, Joseph Wiseman from "Detective Story" as my older brother, Robert Walker from "Strangers on a Train" as my younger brother, Olivia DeHavilland from "The Dark Mirror" as my twin sisters and Rosalind Russell from "The Women" as my annoying cousin. Just one big happy family!


J.B. said...

Great quiz! I wouldn't dare it, being the extreme novice I am. But your responses were entertaining and revealing, Artman.

Anonymous said...

I also love "Singing in the Rain"! I'm not big on musicals, but that one appeals to me for some reason. :)

Lisa_mynx said...

too bad you arent a fan of clint eastwood...