Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's a Great Big Fuzzy World Out There....

And so every once in a while we need a bit of Clara-fication to get us through the day!

Some recent new aquisitions. The above is a vintage repro (circa 1950's) publicity still for Clara's first talkie "The Wild Party". She wears this outfit in the costume party scene!

Another vintage repro still, this time from the first of her 2 films at Fox Studios in the 1930's, the awesome "Call Her Savage". An absolute must-see for lovers of pre-code melodrama!

A promo shot for "Call Her Savage". Clara's hair was really wild during this shoot!

Dig that crazy outfit! Clara in a publicity still for her very last film "Hoopla". All 4 of the stills above were 50's vintage and cost $9.99 for the lot!

A prime condition vintage 5" x 7" promo card, circa 1928. Even came with the original mailer shown below!

Ok, post all done, time for some music.... where's my Clara-net?


Avalon76 said...

That's awesome that it came with the original envelope!! Cool!

The entire photo series of her in what I call her "dotty dress" is my absolute favorite. She never looked better in her entire life (IMHO).

Your puns make my brain hurt. LOL

Anonymous said...

That letter is so cute, as are the rest of the photos! Its too bad she's not alive anymore to see your site and all of its wonderful pictures!

Artman2112 said...

Jennifer i cant agree that she never looked better in that series but she sure did look great! I'm working on a new picture of her based on one of the shots from that series. I'm sure i'll post it here when its finally done.

Blue i think Clara would have LOVED the internet. Most of her later years were very reclusive and she was a fanatical letter writer. Seems to me the net wouldve been her "safe" way of dealing with the world and the people in it and also how great would it have been for her to be able to see that she IS remembered!